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Promotional materials and technical specifications.
Olofsfors ECO-Tracks™ is the original among forest machine tracks.


A forest machine track creates a protective layer between the machine and the soil, to reduce mesh damage and tire wear. A forest track from Olofsfors can both lower your fuel consumption and improve your driving experience as the machine makes its way easier with more stability through the terrain. All to increase your profitability and leave minor soil damages.
Kolopásy Olfsfors EX


The track that will get your machine to climb the steepest terrain. The cross member design provides extremely good grip in deep snow, steep slopes and rocky terrain.


Regardless of the terrain; steep, snowy, rocky, or muddy, OF takes you where you want to go.


EVO™ has excellent traction and tire protection as well as a cross-member design that provides very good cleaning properties.


KovaX™ is an all-around track for all forestry machines and is suitable for year-round use. The cross member has been designed to minimize soil disturbance with its two low grip brushes.


Bogie tracks with different cross-members on the same Track. Contact your local Olofsfors office to request other options and/or dimensions. The blue circles above show applications using a combination of EVO™ and Baltic™.

A combination of EVO™ and Baltic™ cross-members brings together both traction and flotation. An excellent track for peat bogs. Good self-cleaning properties.


U™ got its name from its cross members having U-shaped components. This makes the U™ track optimal for operating and climbing in wet and soft terrain.


The track for wet and sensitive terrain. A good choice for when you operate in areas with low brush and is also gentle to soil and roots.