Harvester Head EGS 596


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Technical data

Roller motors

Feed speed

Feeding force

Max. Max. opening

Delimbing diameter

Bar length

Max. cutting

Chain speed

Head tilt

Width of head (closed)

Width of head (open)





0 – 5,1 m/s

25 kN

640 mm

50 – 413 mm

750 / 820 mm

630 / 720 mm

40 – 45 m/s


1 400 mm

1 550 mm

565 mm

1 516 mm

1 155 kg

A head designated EGS 595 as standard to H14, with a maximum cutting diameter of 63/72 cm.

Harvester Head EGS 596

The head has three feed rollers, two of which are located in supporting wheel arms that push the stem in towards the frame where the third roller is mounted. Using this principle the stem is held in a steady grip and supported by the rollers instead of the limbing knives. This allows the knife pressure to be lowered, which reduces friction against the stem and ensures better utilisation of the feed force.The upper and lower limbing knives and wheel arms are jointly controlled initially, but can also be operated individually. Diameter measurement is performed via sensors in the lower knives and length measurement by a separate free-running measuring wheel.