Harvester ROTTNE H8E

Rottne H8E is a small and versatile harvester with unique characteristics including exact tracking, swing arms on the wheels, variable transmission and automatic anti-spin.


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Chassis leveling
Width of machine 2.05 m
Cutting diameter 45 cm


Petr Šereda
  • +420 724 323 326
  • sereda@lesni-technika.cz
  • Lnářská 907/12, 104 00 Praha 10


ROTTNE H8E is a harvester with unique properties – ideal for harvesting from a place in the clearing stand. The chassis consists of two frames connected by a central joint. Together with leveling machines, smooth transmission and automatic slip reduction, the H8 harvester is very fast even in difficult terrain.

Harvester ROTTNE H8E works inside the stand, it’s easier for the operator to decide which trees need to be thinned, as it is never more than 6–7 metres to the trees. This means more uniform thinning extraction, which gives both greater volume and added value and probably also a less storm sensitive stand. In other words, Rottne H8E gives good conditions for a timber rich forest. The risk of damage to the trees is lower than when the trees are harvested only from lines at a distance of 10-12 m from the machine.


The ROTTNE H8E has a narrow and compact leveling chassis with independently suspended wheels on the swingarms, which give the machine unique driving characteristics.

The swingarms of the wheels allow the leveling of the chassis to be effective in compensating for unevenness, both in the longitudinal and in the transverse direction. This system also allows you to change the ground clearance of the machine. The machine is small in size and distributes its weight, which increases its stability and thus offers an extension of its scope in the field of logging needs. If the harvester is equipped with a rear camera, a permanent rear view is possible via a separate display in the operator’s field of vision. This increases safety and makes reversing easier.

Harvestor ROTTNE H8D


Your forestry machine is your work environment. We put the operator’s safety and comfort first. A spacious cabin with large glass windows that give excellent visibility and overview, cabin levelling with Comfort Line and effective ACC climate control are some examples of this.
Your economy and the possibility to optimise the machine’s profitability are always a part of our approach to product development. A few examples: reduced downtime through high serviceability, one of the best warranties in the forestry industry, a load sensing hydraulic system, fuel efficient engines that reduce fuel consumption, fast and highly productive harvester heads, smart frame design and powertrain provides the best possible accessibility.
High productivity with the right machine in the right place. Our range of harvesters gives you the opportunity to select anything from a compact stand-operating machine to the pure final felling machine. All our machines are built based on our extensive knowledge of forestry and felling, in combination with our long-term close contact with you and your colleagues.
We all have a shared responsibility for the forest and nature. Our machines use engines with highly efficient exhaust emission control, eco-oils that are biodegradable, vacuum pumps to minimise spillage during hose replacement, harvesters with low ground pressure and a material selection with consideration of the environment.
A good machine is as good as the After Sales service is. Our extensive service network of dealers and service providers ensures you are never left alone. Highly trained technicians, quick delivery of spare parts and our unique exchange system for spare parts - Rottne Xparts - ensure a level of
safety both you and your machine always wanted.