Mobile Traction Winch T-Winch


Promotion materials and technic specifications


Use of more machines at the same time
Independent steering by uncoupling the rope
Maximum safety preventing rope breakage


Petr Šereda
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Mobile traction winch - maximální bezpečnost a minimální poškození půdy

Mobile traction winch T-WINCH

The idea of the construction of an innovative traction winch was born in order to keep safety as high as possible, while keeping damage to a minimum. It allows access to rough terrain while taking into consideration all necessary ecological set-ups for a continued development of nature.

The compact T-WINCH traction winch is used wherever unsecured machine travel poses a high risk to the operator and the machine itself.

The use of a traction winch for operators has another significance in addition to the ecological approach to logging. This is a significant cost saving, which is due to the reduction of fuel consumption of the mining machine and its wear.

Unusual construction and functional design guarantee reliable handling in the field. With the help of a crawler chassis and remote control, the required place of use can be reliably achieved. The folding shield on the front of the machine provides additional stability in difficult terrain.