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Propagační materiály a technická specifikace ke stažení.
Pneumatiky pro harvestory a vyvážecí traktory

Lesnické pneumatiky ALLIANCE

Bláto, sníh, pařezy, kameny a tisíce dalších nebezpečí představují pro pneumatiky vašeho stroje každodenní obtíže, proto jsou lesnické pneumatiky navrženy a vyrobeny tak, aby byly co nejodolnější a poskytovaly co nejlepší trakci. Na druhé straně musí splňovat podmínky.

Forestry 331

Alliance 331 Flotation diagonal forestry tire is developed mainly for use in modern forestry harvesters and forwarders besides its standard applications like wheeled excavators, loaders and dumpers working in challenging terrains.

The tire can also be used for applications in agriculture especially on heavy and abrasive surfaces. It is designed with high traction and low slip abilities for better fuel economy. The tires huge volume contributes to low soil compaction and better ride comfort in forestry and agricultural applications. The main construction characteristics of this tire are strong nylon casing and steel belts, high under tread gauge, strong and thick sidewalls, special tread compound and protective mud guard All of this promises long tire life under heavy working conditions in forests as well as smooth working in fields.

Forestar 342

Alliance 342 includes the entire forestry flotation radial and relevant forestry tractor sizes. Specific, big and strong tread pattern enables long tread life, excellent traction, grip and reliability while working on slopes. The tread pattern is reinforced by small lugs located on the shoulders. These lugs protect the shoulders from side damages done by stones and branches.

The tire is steel reinforced under the tread area to prevent punctures during forestry operations. The special compound used in the tire sidewall structure enables high stability of forestry tractors at high tilt angles. The special rubber compounds used for the tread and sidewall give long, efficient protection from chipping and chunking which are the major concerns in forestry operations.