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Hultdins SG forestry grapples are the industry standard on forwarders and log trucks.


They are divided in to three series of grapples to meet different market demands around the world. However, common to all is that they are designed to increase your timber handling productivity and with high strength construction and quality components throughout.
SuperGrip STD

The SuperGrip std is a light yet extremely powerful grapple for regular forwarding. It’s most suitable for thinning, but can also be used for lighter clear-cutting. This is the model we manufacture the most, and it forms the foundation of our SuperGrip series. Just as its name suggests, the SuperGrip std has become a standard of sorts in the industry – the ideal log grapple.


The SuperGrip-S is a heavily reinforced log grapple that can handle the toughest forwarding jobs. It’s also ideal for mounting on an excavator. In designing the SuperGrip-S, we’ve incorporated all our knowledge about durability and ruggedness to give contractors looking for a sturdy grapple exactly what they need. Just like its fellow SuperGrip grapples, the SuperGrip-S is used in forests around the world.


The SuperGrip-R is a brushwood grapple. It’s based on the same frame as the rest of the SuperGrip series, but has heavily reinforced brushwood arms specially designed for forwarding brushwood, forest residue, and tree residue – even stumps. The arms have no knives but extra reinforcement to handle the most demanding forwarding. Under the boom line is a sturdy reinforcement plate connecting the shanks to prevent them from getting bent out of shape.


The SuperGrip-RS is a manually extra reinforced S-model, something that isn’t really necessary. Yet we’ve made it, maybe because we can…

SuperGrip II STD

The SuperGrip II std is a standard grapple for regular forwarding. Its geometry and gripping force are the same as the SuperGrip series, but the SuperGrip II std has a somewhat stronger frame than its fellow SuperGrip std. At the beginning of 21. century, we felt it was time to further develop the SuperGrip line and launched the SuperGrip II.

The SuperGrip II std has only one brace, but it is solid cast metal. The powerful cylinder can handle up to 250 bar and is centered while the brace is placed to the side of the cylinder. The brace has a single purpose: to move the grapple arms in parallel without providing any additional force, ensuring that the force delivered to the grapple is evenly distributed.

SuperGrip II-S

The SuperGrip II-S is the strongest grapple in the SuperGrip II series. Use it for heavier forwarding or mount it on an excavator for lighter work.

With the SuperGrip II-S, we feel that we’ve achieved a good balance between strength and weight. It’s lighter than the SuperGrip -S, yet still stronger than a standard grapple.

SuperGrip II-R

As part of the SuperGrip II series, the SuperGrip II-R was launched at the start of the new millennium. We took the basic characteristics of the successful SuperGrip – the geometry, the gripping force, the expander pins – and modernized the design.

SuperGrip II-A

The A-grapple is unique not only to our range, but also the entire market. . The arms with asymmetrically angled knives make the A-grapple an innovation that simplifies forwarding in a new way