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Clark Tracks Ltd, part of Nordic Traction Group, specialise in developing and manufacturing forest machine tracks to suit almost all Cut-to-Length machines and Skidders.

Tracks Clark

Our company can supply tracks in various sizes and designs to suit virtually all terrain, all climates and all machine types. From our base in in Dumfries, in the South West of Scotland. As a manufacturer of forest machinery tracks for over 33 years, we have built a strong reputation for delivering high quality products to the largest forestry machinery manufacturers around the world.


Terra85 is the ultimate all-terrain, all-season track. Featuring a double grouzer track plate, grip and flotation are assured. The low profile also means less vibration and a smoother ride.

  • Low profile design reduces vibration and results in less operator fatigue.
  • Arguably the best multi-terrain tracks on the market.
  • Use all year round.
  • Special heat treatment for cold weather durability.


Terra95 is the undisputed class leading heavy duty, all-terrain, all-season track. Heavy plate section and our 28mm durable links ensure long service life when fitted to the latest high horsepower, heavy Forwarders and Harvesters.

  • Arguably the best multi-terrain tracks on the market.
  • Particularly suited to medium and large harvesters and forwarders, 14t payload upwards.
  • Low profile design reduces vibration and results in less operator fatigue
  • All season use; assured Winter and Summer performance.
  • Durable and hard wearing, even on rocky terrain.


FX is a development of the heavy duty Terra95 and each track pad has 25mm EXT on both sides. These tracks are built for endurance and are suited to the heaviest Forwarders working on the toughest terrain. Double Rocky spikes on each track pad are secure and extremely long lasting compared to standard spikes, even on stoney ground. FX tracks are the informed choice for the professional forester looking for maximum productivity from their heavy weight forwarder.

  • Durable design and components for the most arduous terrain.
  • Confidence with supreme grip and flotation.


The Grouzer is a popular track with outstanding traction and climbing ability. This track is able to cope with almost any terrain and machine. All-season, all-terrain usage.

  • Single Grouzer section giving confidence and security in virtually all terrains.
  • All-season, all-terrain usage.
  • Exceptional climbing ability.


CX is a further Grouzer development, featuring wide paddle spikes. Doubled up on each track plate. This track is best suited to Harvesters and medium to heavy Forwarders.

  • They give peak performance for climbing with unsurpassed traction.


CS is a development of the popular Grouzer track. Traction is maximised through the addition of wide paddle spikes to the track pad and long shovel spikes to the edges. These track can take Harvesters and medium Forwarders further and more safely than before on demanding slopes. The pinnacle of climbing tracks.

  • Aggressive spike pattern for climbing.


Grouzer Super Grip (GSG) is the single wheel track that delivers maximum climbing capability for 6-wheeled machines.

  • GSG’s give exceptional traction and require less maintenance than tyre chains.


Rocky tracks feature a wide spaced square section track plate design. This gives superior grip and traction to large machines working in demanding, steep and rocky conditions.

  • Square section track plate for optimum traction in rocky terrain.
  • Heavy duty for use on large machines.
  • Exceptional climbing ability.


The SFL15 track is an extended variant of the FL15. Featuring upturned edges, these tracks are perfect for thinning and working on brash mats. In addition, the end profiles enable easier steering which is extremely beneficial in thinning operations. Suitable for Harvesters and Forwarders up to 14t payload. Swivel edges protect the roots and do not cut the soil.

  • Symmetrical upturned edges.
  • Upturned edges protect roots and doesn’t cut brash.
  • Easier steering.


Flotation, FL15 is a high-flotation track suited to Harvesters and light to medium Forwarders. The low ground pressure and good grip help maintain productivity in wet and marshy conditions.

Wide, close spaced flotation plate design offers low ground pressure.
Tried and proven ‘U’ shape plate ensures excellent traction.

  • The wide, close construction of the flotation plate offers low ground pressure.
  • The tried and tested “U” -shaped plate ensures excellent traction.