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The OFA Tapio tractor chains are manufactured from boron steel and hardened in the same specialized process as our forestry chains.

Tractor Chains OFA

The double spike gives good grip and the links lie well against the tire surface giving good driving comfort on forest roads and agricultural roads, on ice and mud. The Tapio chains are extremely well suited for forestry tractor and agricultural use. Tapio tractor chains are widely used for agri tractors, forest tractors, small skidders and construction machines.


    • The Tapio 11 has 11 mm twisted chain link with two 11 mm studs. This chain is recommended for bigger tractor and its bigger tires. Can be used also in forest operations like forest tractors, small skidders also for lightweight forwarders.
  • Wear twisted chain 11 mm
  • Ø stud 11 mm
  • Ø side chain 9 mm


Tapio 11 HD is designed for heavy duty forestry applications like heavy forestry tractors and skidders less than 9 tons. Tapio 11 HD has welded links connected to side chain.

  • Wear twisted chain 11 mm
  • Ø stud 11 mm
  • Ø side chain 9 mm


Tapio 13 has a one diamond pattern and it is recommended for lightweight forest and construction machines. The looser pattern ensures easy installation and good self-cleaning whilst maintaining enough grip for most applications. Tapio 13 is a good tire chain for small and mdium size skidders.

  • Ø chain 13 mm
  • Ø stud 14 mm
  • Ø side chain 11 mm


Tapio 9 mm is a robust twisted-link, one-diamond chain with 10 mm round studs for tractors and working machines.

  • Wear twisted chain 9 mm
  • Ø chain 10 mm
  • Side chain 8×46 mm


Tapio-NK 9 is a non-studded single diamond chain made of 9 mm square link wire. Tapio-NK 9 is recommended for snow-cleaning and construction machines. Also very recommendable in use at harbors or warehouse buildings when you need to drive inside and outside. Tapio-NK 9 can be used also in forest tractors when studded chains are not allowed. Lifetime of the Tapio-NK 9 chain can be increased by reversing the chain. Remember to remove all remarkable burr from chain link weldings which may damage tire.

  • Ø chain 9 mm
  • Side chain 8×46 mm