Introducing the new ROTTNE H8E harvester range

Harvestor ROTTNE H8

Rottne Industri AB launches the Rottne H8E

A new generation of harvester for stand-operating thinning. Rottne Industri AB launches Rottne H8E – a significant upgrade of the popular predecessor Rottne H8D.

The first machine from the upgraded series of the Rottne H8E has just left the production facilities at Rottne. On the outside, Rottne H8E looks almost like Rottne H8D, but on the inside there are a lot of improvements and a lot of new and advanced technology, says Mathias Paulsson, Engineer of the Control Systems at Rottne Industri AB. The crane of harvester ROTTNE H8E, with all its mechanical upgrades, makes the big difference and it was when we developed it, we have seen the opportunity to upgrade the entire machine.

RK50 has been around since the beginning of the 2000s. Now it will be replaced by RK75 with a lot of improvements and innovations. In short, all the benefits of the older crane have been retained and more advantages have been added. Everything from hardware to software has been reviewed in detail in order to produce a crane that will make both the work and the service easier.

New crane RK75

The new crane has a completely new turntable that makes it more efficient with better durability and reliability. Compared to its predecessor, the crane has been improved in all respects, which makes it stronger and with higher lifting power, says Mathias Paulsson. Among other things, it has a built-in position sensor in all cylinders that the control system recognizes. The boom control is moved at the driver’s command (out, in, up and down) and the system runs the extension automatically.

With the launch of the Rottne H8E, Rottne Industri is now taking another step forward in the development of flexible forest machines for efficient thinning work. We can proudly launch our first machine with a boom control developed here at Rottne. his, together with other improvements, strengthens our leading position in sustainable thinning for professional forestry, says Tobias Johansson, CEO of Rottne Industri AB. Demand for boom control for more of Rottne’s machine models is high and the company’s developers are constantly working on this. For the newly launched Rottne H8E, it will be available from April.

Improvements of new crane RK75

  • New slewing house with many improvements, including roller bearing on crane slewing ring.
  • Increased gross lifting torque (90kNm).
  • Increased torque (20kNm).
  • Higher lifting height.
  • End-position damping on lift and outer cylinders as well as crane slewing.
  • Improved hose and pipe routing, central lubrication, and crane geometry.
  • Rotator H101, also on the Log Max.
  • Updated extension profiles and slide pads.
  • Improved service accessibility.
  • Improved control of the crane tip.
  • Dynamic speed during crane slewing.
  • Dynamic speed during crane lowering.