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Introducing a new dealer

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This year Reparoservis spol. s.r.o. established successful cooperation with the company Agropark Liptov, s.r.o. from Liptovský Mikuláš, which carefully takes care of the sale and service of our product Kapsen 18RC in Slovakia. The company Agropark Liptov, s.r.o. is an authorized dealer of the Kapsen 18RC machine in Slovakia.

Since February 10, 2020, when the first Kapsen 18RC was delivered to Agropark Liptov, 6 pieces of this machine have been sold to Slovakia.


Kapsen 18rc Slovensko
Two pieces of the Kapsen 18RC machine have just arrived at Agropark Liptov s.r.o.






















For the customers in Slovakia, this cooperation brings a number of indisputable benefits. Let's summarize them briefly:

  • The customer does not have to deal with and pay for freight transport from the Czech Republic.
  • He can inspect and test the product, or even borrow it.
  • Agropark Liptov will put the machine into operation and provide appropriate training.
  • Agropark Liptov provides warranty and post-warranty service of the machine.
  • Easier availability of spare parts.
Kapsen 18RC Iron Horse, Forest Horse, lesní technika, Slovensko, Slovakia
Kapsen 18RC leaves for its new owner


  Agropark is one of the newer dynamic companies, using practical experience, not only from the agricultural sector. Their employees are experts in their profession, they actively follow trends and news on the market. A good business relationship, which does not arise on the day of signing the order, but on the day of handing over the machine, is the goal of their careful customer care.


Kapsen 18RC Iron Horse, Forest Horse, lesní technika, Slovensko, Slovakia
Another sticker and the machine is ready to hand over ...


Dealer's address in Slovakia:

agropark Liptov logo

Agropark Liptov, s.r.o.
Priemyselná 452/36, 
031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš
Tel. +421 907 296 905

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