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Albach - Reparoservis s.r.o.
Wust - Reparoservis s.r.o.


Machines from the German company Albach Maschinenbau are well-known by high quality, reliability and long life. Mobile chippers allow you to chip timber residues directly in the field or at the hauling site. Since 2019, the Albach company has been cooperating with the Swiss manufacturer of mobile wood chippers Wüst Hacker. The Wüst brand means high-quality and robust Swiss quality of wood chippers..


The Fällbach tree trimmer is used to the maximum for demanding tree care during high-altitude work.


The SMC-812 chipper unit represents the greatest chipping performance, paired with a diverse range of uses and a compact structure. Whether you’re chipping coarse trunk wood or bul

Albach Diamant 2000

The Diamant 2000 is a mobile chipper for the production of wood chips. It is designed with innovative technology and large scale in order to meet the demands of today’s forestry industry.


The BBHK series impresses with its cleanly calibrated chips with little fines. Bulky crown material can be chopped thanks to the powerful feed mechanism with a pulling force of 4000 kg.