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Malwa - Reparoservis s.r.o.


A new trend in forestry. Malwa, in a class of its own! Compact machines with major features. For effective thinning and modern forestry while minimising environmental impact.

Malwa’s products are developed and built in Sweden. Our plant is located in Skene, just 30 min drive from Gothenburg. Here, in ’the middle of the woods’, we build reliable and technically advanced machines for modern, low impact forest management. Malwa produces the leading range of forestry machines within the compact machine segment.

All essential parts and components, such as the engine, control system, transmission, cranes and harvesting heads are internationally renowned products, which guarantees quality and performance of the machines. One fundamental idea is not to build machines wider than 2 metres. This is to optimise mobility in most types of woods and to avoid having to use traditional strip roads.

Malwa 560C Combi

Stand-operative, high performance harvester and forwarder in one. Powerful Category 3.4 engine complies with the new, more stringent environmental requirements.

Malwa 560H

Ideal for stand-operative thinning, felling trunks up to 42cm, and in areas where larger machines may damage land or watercourses.

Malwa 560F

Stand-operative forwarder with high load capacity. Low net weight, small turning radius, minimal environmental impact.