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Iron Horse KAPSEN 18RC

Hydraulic Power Tracked Machine with drawing force 16kN

KAPSEN 18RC is our own product.


KAPSEN 18RC is a hydraulic power tracked machine that is being used for skidding. Thanks to its good passability of the forest and low pressure on the ground KAPSEN is an excellent choice for peat forests and wetlands.

KAPSEN 18RC can be fully controlled by using remote control HETRONIC, which can control its moving and speed, the winch or tilting shield.

KAPSEN 18RC is equipped by even more innovations, which make skidding of timber easier. First innovation is an unwinding regulating valve which enables to drive and unwind the steel rope from the winch at the same time. The other Innovation is a tilting shield for easier timber loading. 

KAPSEN 18RC has won the prestigious awards Grand Prix at the fair Silva Regina 2016

We constatly strive to improve and innovate. Even in 2020 Kapsen18RC has made several innovative changes. We expanded the tilting shield to facilicate loading, we also added hydraulic system cooling and a new oil drain valve. We provide professional training and after sales service.

With a shaft controlled steering KAPSEN is very exact and still user friendly and easy to work with. Our machine is made from lasting materials that guarantee its durability and follow all safety standards. In a comparison with other machines KAPSEN proved to be stronger and more robust than the other ones. It is equipped with a combustion engine, two-cylinderfour-stroke, air cooled Briggs&Stratton engine with an output of 18HP. Travel is provided by two independent hydraulic motors. The chassis is equipped with two-piece rubber belts, which are connected by steel crossbars. The winch is controlled by a lever on the switchboard or by a remote control. It can be secured with a latch. The Kapsen 18RC is easy to load on a trailer or in a van.


  • engine output 18 HP

  • remote control of movement, speed, winch (rope length 35 m with a thickness of 6 mm) and folding shield

  • excellent passability

  • skidding up to1,5 m3 

  • simple and robust construction

  • training and service

  • made in EU


Engine (petrol) B&S Vanguard 18hp
Drawing force 12kN
Fuel tank volume 7l
Hydraulic tank volume 20l
Max. pressure 180 bar
Max. winch pressure 210 bar
Dimension in cm (d x š x v)  230x120x143
Ground clearance 24cm
Height of the winch arm 162cm
Tracks width 40cm
Steel rope lenght 35m
Steel rope diameter 6mm
Slope accessibility approx. 35°
Fuel Premium unleaded petrol  95/E5
Engine oil 5W-30
Machine weight 1000kg


flag czech republic     Contact:

Tomáš Klásek - technical support & development   

Mobile: +420 602 575 809


Petr Šereda - sale

 Mobile: +420 724 323 326



                                                                                                         slovenská vlajka   Contact:

                                                                                                   Kapsen Distributor in Slovakia:

 Agropark Liptov, s.r.o.
Priemyselná 452/36, 
031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš

Tel. +421 917 070 208
Mobile: +421 907 296 905


uk flag    Contact:

Kapsen Distributor in UK:
Jim Wilmer & Sons (JWS)
Roselle Workshop, 
4 Dalquaharran
Dailly KA26 9QJ

Tel. +441465811600
Mobile: +4478255512265






kapsen technical documentation for download
click here to get technical documentation eng


kapsen brochure English
kapsen 18rc brochure






KAPSEN 18RC has won the prestigious awards Grand Prix at the fair Silva Regina 2016

kapsen silva regina ocenění