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Craftec chains are a lighter choise for forestry machines. The tread chain has a looser two diamond pattern which makes the chain easy to clean. Lower weight makes the chain also quick to install.


The OFA Tapio is a chain with one diamond pattern, recommended for lightweight forest operations like forest tractors, small skidders and lightweight forwarders.


Protec chains are a good choice for professionals when an additional protection for the tyre sides against rocks and stumps is required. Protec is availabe in 13 or 16 mm links and in four most popular tyre dimensions.


Twist chains are designed for lightweight forest machines and construction machines. The tread chain has two diamonds and the links are made of twisted chain so they lie tight against the tyre surface and give very aggressive traction.


Matti W meets all the challenges of the professional logging work: it holds and bites where ordinary steel would bend.

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