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AFM 1000 stroke harvester head

AFM 1000 Stroke head is designed for felling, delimbing and cross cutting operations in the forest. With high delimbing power the head can harvest even the most demanding species even with small base machines. AFM 1000 has a measuring device that makes the production highly efficient. Measuring system can be programmed for various preselected lengths. In addition any length can be chosen at any time. As optional equipment the diameter of the log can also be measured. The various operating handles are available and they have been designed for professional use. The head has an automatic stroke and the tree can be delimbed with a one-button function. The stroke will stop at the preselected length for the log to be cut. AFM 1000 Stroke head performs it’s best on app. 12 ton excavator.

AFM 1000 Technical Specifications
Max. opening of knives 450 mm
Max. opening of arms 550 mm
Feeding stroke 100 mm
Delimbing force 35 kN
Delimbing diameter max. 40 cm
Operating pressure 180 bar
Saw motor type F11-10
Saw bar 54 cm
Weight, from 550 kg
Needed oil flow 80 - 120 l/min
Base machine power 70 - 90 kW
Base machine weight 8 - 13 tons

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