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6-wheel forestry and multipurpose machine

The W130K is a very compact, short and therefore highly maneuvrable 6-wheel multipurpose machine, the bestselling model in its class. The W130K can also be supplied as a 6-wheel skidder. It is outfitted as a clam bunk skidder, a crane, a rope pulley, a forwarder (up to 4-meter logs) and, if requested, it can be equipped with the new SIB drive for seamless distribution.

Technical specification:


Volvo Penta 4-cylinder Motor, water-cooled
140 kW (190 DIN PS) at 1,700 - 2,100 RPM
Torque max. 840 Nm at 1,200 - 1,500 RPM
Emissions stage TIER 4 final, with SCR catalytic converter
Displacement 5130 ccm
electronically controlled ventilator drive/Cleanfix as an option
Fuel tank capacity approx. 170 l
AdBlue® tank 25 litre 

Working hydraulics

Load-sensing hydraulic system
Regulating pump with max. 280 l/min at 2,100 RPM
biodegradable hydraulic oil, 290 l

Power Transmission - SIB

Hydrostatic power unit with 2-gear Transmission, which can be switched when driving (SIB)
Planetary axles with multi-disc brakes running in oil bath, for W130K: Rear axle tandem axle
front and rear 100% separated switchable differential locks
Dual-circuit braking system, spring-controlled parking Brakes
three drive mode stages which can be switched when driving
Crawler gear, driving with fixed speed, driving with reduced speed


1st gear 0 - 10,5 km/h
2nd gear 0 - 36 km/h

Electric System

Wel-Can with 5-driver memory; all important information retrievable on modern display
System voltage 24 V
Battery power 2 x 95 Ah
Alternator 110 A
Articulated steering, steering movement +/- 46°


Panoramic tilting cab
ROPS, FOPS, OPS and OECD tested
2 complete entry and exit access ways for your safety
unobstructed 3-part angled Lexan-MARGARD rear windscreen in the rear hazard area with panoramic screen
opening side window
extremely quit comfort cab
All-round LED lighting (10 off)
Swivel seat which can be rotated mechanically or electronically
colour display with setting options for 5 Drivers
Radio with USB and Bluetooth hands-free device
classy and practical appearace
12/24 V sockets
2 convex interior mirrors
steering wheel which is height and angle adjustable and can be folded down


Example: 28L-26 Trelleborg T418 in front and rear


Front frame in stable box profile with integrated oil and fuel tank
Rear frame in trough design
stable central joint with tapered roller bearings
Torsion on the frame supported by strong slewing ring +/- 22°
Torsion block through hydraulic cylinder, automatically and manually switchable
all floor pans are hinged or can be unscrewed for maintenance work


Epsolin, Loglift and others
Forestry Accessories
HZM 14 double-drum winch with up to 14 t total pulling force (may also be set higher)
Alternatively, HZM 15 double-drum winch with up to 16 t total pulling force (may also be set higher
Height-adjustable rear plate with tilt lock
Height-adjustable pulley carrier with two rope pulleys


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