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t-winch 10.2 katalog
t-winch 10.2 brochure 


The new generation of the ecoforst T-WINCH brings several improvements:

• +25% Pulling Power
• +65% Ground clearance
• +17% Engine power, FPT N45 TIER IV with DEF
• Slackspooler for improved rope winding
• Cast steel cable drum
• Standard disc breake
• Extended undercarriage for improved traction

Safety as a basic principle
Within the last years the development of lighter forestry machines, due to the use of new tensile steels, has contributed to the fact that the limits of passable slopes has steadily increased upwards.
In order to guarantee the safe use of machines in such steep terrains the timber harvesting machine has to be adjusted to the expected field of operation, taking into account the slope gradient and changes in weather conditions. The traction winch can significantly contribute to safe working provided that the machine itself is placed in a stable position, including the machine`s own braking efficiency.

With the use of T-WINCH no undesirable rear weight
and no structural alteration works of the basic machine are required. Irrespective of the decision which machine is used for working on steep terrain, a maximum of safety is provided together with a minimum of installation work.
Soil protection
Sustainable cultivation means taking care and use of forest areas in a way that maintains or even improves the terrain`s productivity with its output, its regeneration ability and its vitality.
With the help of a traction winch the whole braking power and tractive force of the timber harvesting machine can be supported in slope transition terrain at any time. Serious damage to the soil is reduced because of a slip value of less than 20%, which makes it easier to systematically develop logging trails.


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