Forestry Skidder Equus 175N UN


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Crane reach 9,5 m
Automatic clambunk
2 drums winch 10 tons


Zbyněk Kučera
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  • Lnářská 907/12, 104 00 Praha 10
Meet the most efficient forestry skidder in its category, EQUUS 175N UN!

Skidder Equus 175N UN

EQUUS 175N UN is the EQUUS 175N BH version with EQUUS 120 hydraulic arm with a grapple (size 0.35 as standard) and a clambunk with automatic clamping (optional). The grapple may also be in the version with a saw. Hydraulic arms are available in the following lengths: 6.1 m, 7.5 m (double telescope) and 9.5 m (double telescope).

As one of the first forestry skidder manufacturers, EQUUS has installed the most advanced CUMMINS B45 engine that meets the requirements of the most demanding STAGE V emission class.

With the power of 175 hp and the torque of 780 Nm, this direct-injection 4-cylinder engine delivers a performance comparable to larger and more expensive 6-cylinder engines. While being lighter, safer and more environmentally friendly.

The cabin, which is an in-house production by EQUUS, offers the highest safety parameters. Not only does it meet the basic limits of the OPS, FOPS and ROPS standards, it even exceeds them. The cabin’s position is as low as possible. It thus offers the most convenient way to get in and out of the cabin.

Lighting is intelligently installed inside the body and therefore it allows, together with the use of high-quality glass, to eliminate the use of grille protectors. They might be fitted, however, if a customer requests so. The cabin has two doors and therefore it offers the possibility to mount on the skidder from both sides. The rear view is improved – there is a new glass panel in the roof of the cabin for better view when working with the hydraulic arm.

EQUUS (FOPS, ROPS, OPS) tilting safety cabin is equipped with Plastrans safety glass (with certificate A/M), suspension, two doors and a 315° rotating workstation (seat). The cabin complies with the strictest safety standards requiring the resistance of the cab to roll-over and breakage.