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An all-round forwarder for both thinning and final felling with unique articulated wagon, that gives precise tracking.


+ Forwarder for thinning and final felling

+ Steerable wagon with 54° steering angle & accurate tracking

+ Powerful chassis

+ Large wheels

+ Wide Load

+ Spacious cab with Comfort Line

+ Compatible for bearing or drawing tracks on all wheel pairs


The forwarder is equipped with 8 wheels and a load capacity of a full 14 tonnes. Hydraulically operated headboard and front bunk makes Rottne F13D very versatile when handling different timber lengths. The forwarder can alternatively be equipped with width adjustable load bunks (Wide Load) and hydraulic stakes, which increases its flexibility and load capacity from 4,7 m2 to 5,5 m2.

Powerful chassis and steering wagon give a flexible machine

Rottne F13D has a powerful chassis that can manage final felling, at the same time as the steering wagon with an extremely large steering angle of 54°, extremely small turning circle and accurate tracking makes it ideal for dense thinning.

OPTIMAL STEERING ANGLE - smoothest in the forest
Thanks to the articulated wagon the machine's steering angle is increased from 43° to 54°, which makes this medium-sized forwarder a versatile thinning forwarder with a high capacity.

Rottne F13D’s articulated wagon giving unique capabilities when driving off-road. The extremely large steering angle and tight turning radius mean it is very compliant. The forwarder’s powerful chassis can cope with the demands of final felling, but it is also ideal in light, dense thinning areas because of its unique wagon steering. 

Wagon control reduces the risk of driving damage

Wagon steering is normally linked to the forwarder’s frame steering, but it can also be controlled separately with a joystick. In this way, the Rottne F13D becomes easier to manoeuvre, for example, when being reversed along a strip road. When frame steering and wagon steering are synchronised, the tractor vehicle and wagon follow identical paths, which reduces the risk of driving damage along strip roads.

BOGIE LIFT - for increased flexibility
CAB - with high comfort
ROTTNE D5 - a highly competent control system
FORWARDER COMPUTER - user-friendly with automatic reporting
SERVICE FRIENDLY - a part of the forwarder's overall economy
ROTTNE XPARTS - save time, money and the environment
STANDARD OPTIONS - wide range of customization


rottne f13 d technická data
rottne f13d technical sheet
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rottne forwarder brochure