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  • ​​​​​​Width: 3000 mm
  • Harvester head: EGS 706, Logmax 7000
  • Diameter: 68-81cm
  • Weight: 26 700kg


ROTTNE H21D is a strong and efficient harvester for final felling when only the best is an option.
+ Refined on close to 80 points since the first series

+ Large power resources

+ Extremely strong crane

+ Fuel efficient

+ 500+225-litre fuel tanks

+ 4 different harvester heads

+ Handles steep terrain

+ Comfort Line


Rottne H21D was designed to provide what is required for optimal and efficient final felling in dense forest. Rottne H21D is a stable harvester with significant power resources and an appropriately-dimensioned harvester head. The chassis as well as the crane and harvester head are designed to cope with this demanding work month after month while yielding the same good level of profitability.

Powerful, yet fuel efficient

The components in ROTTNE H21D have been chosen with great care and already during the introductory year Rottne H21D proved that it belonged to the elite class in terms of reliability and low operating costs. No matter what the rpm range, the large cylinder volume of this powerful diesel engine always ensures high torque, which means the engine can handle jobs at a relatively low engine speed.

Despite the engine being powerful, it is still extremely fuel efficient – customers state down to 0.35 litre/sub – which means with 500 plus 225-litre fuel tanks it can run far between refuelling. In addition, the fact is only requires 2–3 per cent mixture of AdBlue is an extra bonus.

POWER TECH PSS Tier 4 (FT4) - eco-friendly engine
ROTTNE H21D has a powerful 6-cylinder Tier 4 eco-friendly engine of 227 kW (305 hp) that comfortably fulfils applicable emission requirements for current diesel engines.

The POWER TECH PSS engine is equipped with modern 4-valve technology, a “common rail” injection system and 2 turbo chargers in series and a high torque of 1351 Nm, which provides excellent responsiveness with rapid power output. The harvester can with this technology be operated at a lower working engine speed, resulting in a lower noise level, fewer vibrations and, most importantly, lower fuel consumption

EXTREMELY STRONG CRANE - with long reach
CAB - with comfort in focus
SERVICE FRIENDLY - makes the working day easier
ROTTNE D5 - a highly competent control system
ROTTNE FORESTER - the new generation of bucking computer
ROTTNE XPARTS - Save times, money and the environment



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