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Rottne Forwarders

Rottne Forwarders
We offer you a forwarder range, manufactured in Sweden, of the highest quality using the latest technology. through our range of forwarders, we wish to show our ambition to lead development The whole of our forwarder range, from versatile F10D to the powerful f20D, satisfies all the market´s needs from light thinning to demanding final felling. With the launch in 1968 of Rottne Blondin, which is still a strong brand in the industry, our forwarders have been exported to many parts of the world. Stability and robustness, then like now, are common characteristics for all our forwarders.

Rottne F20D

A workhorse for large loads and long forwarding distances.


+ 20 tonne load capacity

+ A workhorse that withstands tough handling

Rottne F18D

A strong and sturdy forwarder for final felling.


+ Robust machine that withstands tough handling

+ Variable transmission – unique and powerful

Rottne F15D

A powerful 8-wheel forwarder with a 15 tonne load capacity and high operating reliability.

Rottne F13D

An all-round forwarder for both thinning and final felling with unique articulated wagon, that gives precise tracking.


Rottne F11D

A completely new compact forwarder in the inter-mediate class with 12 tonne load capacity.



+ Small & versatile with large wheels

Rottne F10D

Ideal for working in dense thinning stands.



+ Small and versatile – width from only 2 400  mm

+ 45° steering angle