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A strong and sturdy forwarder for final felling.


+ Robust machine that withstands tough handling

+ Variable transmission – unique and powerful

+ Strong and fast crane

+ Wide Load

+ Spacious cab with Comfort Line

+ Compatible for bearing or drawing tracks on all wheel pairs


Rottne F18D  is a large forwarder with a load capacity of 18 tonnes, providing more efficient transport for long forwarding distances. The portal bogies, with large wide wheels, provide excellent bearing capacity and smooth and gentle travel. The wagon is available in two frame lengths and the load area has a very low centre of gravity. The forwarder can alternatively be equipped with width adjustable load bunks (Wide Load), which increases its flexibility and load area from 4,8 m2 to 5,9 m2

Variable transmission with a whole 260 kN tractive force

Rottne F18D has a well-balanced power train with a diesel engine that can be run at a low working engine speed, as it achieves maximum torque between 1,000 and 1,500 rpm. The transmission is hydrostatic with two hydraulic motors in a 3-speed automatic gearbox that allows gear changing when fully loaded. With a tractive force of 26 

CRANE - unique and fast
The RK 160 crane is strong with long reach.

The crane with designation RK 160 is designed for Rottne F18D and gives top-class performance. The torsionally strong base, powerful lift capacity and a reach of up to 10 metres, means loading and unloading can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

RK160 has a large oil flow and the valve package is mounted on the crane close to the cylinders, instead of on the machine chassis, which means the crane remains fast while maintaining its operating characteristics.

CAB - with high comfort
ROTTNE D5 - a highly competent control system
FORWARDER COMPUTER - user-friendly with automatic reporting
SERVICE FRIENDLY - a part of the forwarder's overall economy
ROTTNE XPARTS - save time, money and the environment
STANDARD OPTIONS - wide range of customization

rottne f18d technická data
rottne f18d technical sheet
rottne vyvážecí traktory katalog
rottne forwarders brochure