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A completely new compact forwarder in the inter-mediate class with 12 tonne load capacity.



+ Small & versatile with large wheels

+ 12 tonne load capacity

+ 45° steering angle

+ Powerful transmission in its class

+ Spacious cab with Comfort Line

+ Compatible for bearing tracks on all wheel pairs


Rottne F11D is our new 8-wheel forwarder with a 12-tonne load capacity – a strong workhorse which with its high tractive force provides a soft and flexible operation in tough terrain. The low centre of gravity provides the forwarder with great stability.

The frame has the same design as the larger Rottne forwarders and the central joint, which has a 45° steering angle, is
located only 40 cm in front of the machine’s centre point. This means that the wagon has very good tracking. As Rottne F11D is a small forwarder with large wheels it has low ground pressure and good bearing capacity.

Crane with different reach options

The cab is the same on all Rottne forwarders with high comfort and a modern design. Of course, it can be equipped with the cab suspension system Comfort Line which gives the operator smooth and impact free terrain driving. The crane is a Rottne RK85 with several extension options and a reach of 7.5 to 9.3 metres.

12 ton load capacity
With 12 ton load capacity and many accessories as crane tilt, dozer blade and balanced bogie, it is possible to use F11D for many different areas of work

✓ 12 ton load capacity
✓ Strong frame construction with frame lock
✓ Bogie with 700×24,5 wheels
✓ 4 cylinder engine,125 kW Final Tier 4 (FT4)
✓ 167 kN tractive force
✓ Steering force 68 kNm
✓ Steering angle 450
✓ Welded load bunks
✓ Bogie lift, crane tilt and dozer blade as option
✓ RK85 Crane with optional lengths

CAB - with high comfort
ROTTNE D5 - a highly competent control system
FORWARDER COMPUTER - user-friendly with automatic reporting
SERVICE FRIENDLY - a part of the forwarder's overall economy
ROTTNE XPARTS - save time, money and the environment
STANDARD OPTIONS - wide range of customization
BOGIE LIFT - for increased flexibility

rottne f11d technická data
rottne f11d technical data
rottne vyvážecí traktory katalog
rottne forwarders brochure