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A powerful 8-wheel forwarder with a 15 tonne load capacity and high operating reliability. Rottne F15D is suitable for both coarse thinning and final felling, which creates opportunities for good overall economy.


+ Robust design

+ Strong crane with long reach

+ High tractive force

+ Spacious cab with Comfort Line

+ Wide Load

+ Bogie lift

+ Compatible for bearing or drawing tracks on all wheel pairs


Rottne F15D has a robust frame design with a powerful articulated joint and integrated articulated frame lock. The power train boasts a powerful diesel engine and conventional hydrostatic transmission providing high tractive force, which ensures that the forwarder travels over rocky and steep terrain.

Portal bogies and a wagon frame that is slightly tapered from the bogie forward provide good ground clearance. The bogie lift, which is extra equipment, makes the forwarder more flexible in some situations, see further information in separate text.

Wide Load gives increased flexibility

The front headboard and first bunk are hydraulically adjustable, while the other load bunks, which are screwed to the frame, can be moved into different positions along the frame. The forwarder can alternatively be equipped with width adjustable load bunks (Wide Load) and hydraulic stakes, which increases its flexibility.

Crane with long reach and protected hose routing

The forwarder crane, RK 125, works rapidly and has good motion geometry and high lifting power. It has a range of 7.2 or 8.4 metres with a single extension unit or 10 metres with a double telescopic arm. All crane options have protected hose routing between the crane tip and grapple – which applies to all our forwarders.

CRANE TILT - for steep terrain
Crane tilt maintains the crane’s swing forces in steep terrain

The crane tilt provides significant advantages when log-hauling on steep terrain. The hydraulic tilt function, 

5 ° forward/28° backwards, means that the crane’s net swing force can be maintained when the forwarder works on inclines up to 30°. Keeping the crane tower vertical will not reduce the swing force of the crane’s self-weight. In addition, it means the timber can be accessed easier while thinning on steep terrain.

Tilt plate for the crane tower is extra equipment and is available for Rottne F10D, F11D, F13D and F15D.

BOGIE LIFT - for increased flexibility
CAB - with high comfort
ROTTNE D5 - a highly competent control system
FORWARDER COMPUTER - user-friendly with automatic reporting
SERVICE FRIENDLY - a part of the forwarder's overall economy
ROTTNE XPARTS - save time, money and the environment
STANDARD OPTIONS - wide range of customization

rottne f15d technická data
rottne f15d technical sheet
rottne vyvážecí traktory katalog
rottne forwarders brochure