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The Fällbach tree trimmer is used to the maximum for demanding tree care during high-altitude work. The arm with the felling head reaches a height of 22.2 m and thus provides safe cutting of trees or branches.

  • Parallel-guidance of the felling head aligned to the Horizon or any desired angle.
  • Saw bar free cut automatic. Worry free cutting at max reach.
  • Engine speed on demand - engine automatic.
  • Automatic turn table - swivel brake.
  • Adaptive fell head automatic - cutting in any position.
  • Outrigger set-up automatic.
  • Full operation from upper cab. 4-wheel-steering, suspension and drive to re-position.
  • Real time work load displa y and overload alert.
  • Active weight safety turn off.
  • Hydraulic variable turn table speed.
  • Touch screen with Albach operating Software.
Informační leták Diamant 2000

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