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Ideal for stand-operative thinning, felling trunks up to 42cm, and in areas where larger machines may damage land or watercourses.
Weight from 5,400 kg. Length 5 - 7 m. Width 1.94 m (500mm wheels). Height 2.85 m.


Productive stand-operative thinning harvester – even in sensitive ground and moorland.

Weighs only 5,400 kg (6,700 kg with water-filled wheels) with option of mounting caterpillar tracks on the bogie. The new 75 hp Caterpillar engine has sufficient power to drive a Log Max 928 harvester head with 42cm cutting capacity.

Malwa 560H and Log Max 928 – the perfect combination for high quality thinning.


Weight:   From 5 400 kg.
Length:   5.7 m.
Width:   1,94 m (500 mm wheels).
Height:   2,85 m.
Ground clearance:   400 mm.


Folded frame in laser cut steel.
Sturdy bogie with chain drive, slewing bearings and wheel reductions.
Articulated joint with slewing bearing.
Hydraulic frame stabilization, automatically activated.
Towing points, front and rear.
Articulated steering:   Hydraulic with double-acting cylinders.
Steering angle:   ± 45 degrees.


Type:   Caterpillar 3.4B, Tier 4 Final, EU Stage IIIB
Cylinder volume:   3,4 l.
Output:   55 kW (75 hk) at 2 200 rpm.
Torque:   318 Nm at 1 400 rpm.
Fuel Tank:   70 l.


Flow:   140 l/min at 1 600 rpm.
Work pressure:   195 bar.
Other:   Variable load sensing axial piston pump with torque limiter.
    Crane valve with individual signal pressure limitation.
    Common return filter handling 360 l/min.
    Separate filters for hydrostat and work hydraulics.


Type:   Hydro-mechanical transmission from Bosch Rexroth separated from work hydraulics.
Speed:   0–20 km/h. Four gear steps.
Other:   2WD or 6WD. Differential lock, front and rear.


Voltage:   12 V.
Battery:   95 Ah.
Alternator:   120 A.
IQAN System (CAN-bus based) for control of all functions in the machine supported by a user-friendly display. The system allows for setting of crane functions, transmission control, diesel engine and other machine functions. System offers follow-up, troubleshooting, and alarms. Software updates are possible.


Seat:   Ergonomically designed seat with pneumatic suspension. Individual adjustment of the seat cushion, back and lumbar support are provided.
Hand rests:   Adjustable for joysticks.
Heating/Ventilation:   Fully-automatic heating and cooling unit (ECC).
Safety glass:   P12 mm polycarbonate in all windows.
More:   Windscreen wipers and washers, front and rear.
    Spacious cabin supported on rubber buffers.
    Heat and sound insulated.
    Safe entrance.


Fully hydraulic multi disc brakes in oil bath.
Transport and work brake.
Negative park brake and catastrophe brake.
Automatic park brake.


Type:   Mowi 400.
Reach:   6,2 m.
Gross lifting torque:   37 kNm.
Gross slewing torque:   8.5 kNm.
Crane tilt:   ± 20 degrees.


Standard:   Log Max 928A, la light head specifically designed for thinning.
Max cut capacity:   420 mm.
Weight:   412 kg.
Feed force:   14,6 kN
Options:   Stump treatment.
    Full system diagnosis.
    Value bucking.
    GPS, maps.