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Kapsen železný kůň - Reparoservis s.r.o.


Hydraulic Power Tracked Machine for skidding with drawing force 16kN.

Kapsen is genuine Czech product and today is used by more than 200 satisfied customers. This special forestry machine is perfectly suited for skidding of timber and was constructed according to the needs of professional users, foresters and forest owners. Kapsen has been constantly evolved since the start of production in 2007. The drive unit of the machine is a petrol engine with an output of 18 horsepower, which drives entire hydraulic system. The machine is mounted on a tracked chassis with steel crossbars. The drive and driven wheels are made of solid rubber, which eliminates frequent defects in the terrain and good slope accessibility.A winch drum with a capacity of 35 m of steel rope with a diameter of 6 mm is built into the crane mast. The rear hydraulically operated tilting shield works as a strut when approaching the load and in the transport position it serves to support part of the weight of the load. This equipment helps also to carry a part of the weight of load. The Kapsen 18RC is simply controlled by a remote control (RC), which ensures safety and increases occupational hygiene..