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The Diamant 2000 is a mobile chipper for the production of wood chips. It is designed with innovative technology and large scale in order to meet the demands of today’s forestry industry. The machine is agile and flexible in providing, even in difficult terrain. 

Market demands for an all in one chipper led to the development of the Diamant 2000. In its class, the Albach Diamant 2000 is considered the most powerful and flexible wood chipper in the world. With our latest rotor development the Diamant 2000 iss able to produce wood chips from 15 mm (0,6″) to 60 mm (2,4 “). As a standard feature the generation 7 rotor comes with replaceable knife mounts. This will give you a wider field of operation and enables you to fine tune in any kind of material for an ever better chip. Our special rotor concet and its available configurations allows us to adjust and react to any market needs. Key values of the Diamant 2000: Travel speed 45 mph, independent differential lock, easy exchanges of counter kive (segmented optional), efficient chip extraction through screw conveyor drive, automatic pressure compensation of crane outriggers and automatic chipper set up at a touch of a button in less than 30 seconds.

Volvo Penta In-Line 6 Cylinder with 612/700/770 HP
1230 mm wide, 980 mm high collection
adjustable impeller blower
chain free, hydraulic direct drive, maintenance-free
Central lubrication
Street legal with 70 km / h
Motorway approval
Quick change of bedknife
balanced lighting concept with 32 working lights


standard engine (Volvo) 450 kW (612hp)
engine variant I (Volvo) 515 kW (700hp)
engine variant II (Volvo) 565 kW (768 hp)
cylinder: 6
displacement: 16.1 l
engine RPM in operation: 1500-1700 rpm
tank capacity: 995 l (263 US gal)
drive 2 – speed powershift: hydromechanical
four wheel drive: permanent
road speed max: 45 mph (50 mph contry specification)
turning circle: approx. 8.50 m (27#11 inch) 


  • infeed width 1230 mm (48 inch)
  • vertical infeed opening: 980 mm (39 Inch)
  • rotor / chip speed: up to 420 RPM
  • max. output: up to 380 to 500 kubicmeters per hour
  • infeed speed: depending on material (variable)
  • rotor diameter: 1040 mm (41 Inch)
  • quantity of knives: 6 (optional 12)
  • Rotor drive: mechanical direct drive (tooth belt)
  • accelerator drive): hydraulic – variable speed
  • counter knive: bilateral usage (optional segmented)
  • distance counter blade – knife: variable
  • foreign object protection (anvil): hydraulic overload protection
  • infeed direction: reversible


  • number rotor paddles: 6
  • accelerator speec: hydraulic – variable speed
  • rotor diameter: 1200 mm to 1250 mm (47 till 49 Inch)
  • rotation angle chute: 270 degree
  • chute length: 6,2 – 6,5 m (20’4 – 21’3 Inch)

Crane (Type S110F) Forwarder crane from Epsilon

  • max. reach 10,1 m (32’2 Inch)
  • lift capacity max extended 1 t (1,1 us t)
  • hydro oilflow (1600 RPM) 200 l/min (53 gal / min)


  • length 10,34 m (33’2 Inch)
  • width 2,55 m (8’4 Inch)
  • height (lifted cab eye level) 3,95 meter (12’11 Inch), 4,80 m (15’8 Inch)
  • Tires Type 650/65R 42

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