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The REPAROSERVIS company is on the Czech market from the year 1995 and thanks of hard working team workers has grown to company which offers to customers complex services in harvester technology, forest and wood-processing technique. The right meaning of the word “complexity” is that the customer gets complex sales service. We show to every customer the machine exactly in the forest and provide sufficiency of information. In case of harvester technology we can offer quality education by the professional trainers with multiyear practice in timber harvesting. Very often is by our customers well appreciated our after-sales service which is referred like the best in the Czech Republic.


The machines and technologies supplied by our company Reparoservis are designed to work in forest and wood-processing industries. These state-of-the-art technologies reduce labouriousness of human work, minimize danger of occupational accidents in harsh working environments and eliminate occupational diseases. The machines are friendly to forests, increase labour productivity by several times, and- last but not least- are designed to operate in compliance with all strict ecological standards in all European countries. The technologies require skilled and well-trained operators, regular maintenance, programming of control centres, and fast and reliable service. With respect to high purchasing costs of these machines and technologies, it is advised to do small repairs without any delay in order to prevent major breakdowns and failures. It is therefore considered a matter of course that if the investor decides to go for such a technology, main requirements expected from the supplier are ensurance of professional and flexible service including express delivery of spare parts.


We believe that the qualities of manufacturers, experience of the Reparoservis service team in European forests and our partner’s knowledge of local forests in the given country will bring effective results, saving forest workers from hard and dangerous work. The joint effort will lead to expansion of services and to their improved delivery to be offered to our customers, which is considered the first step towards successful sales of machines and technologies. The ever up-grading service and professional approach to customers will help us to win a decisive share on the market of forest and wood-processing machines and technologies.


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